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10 minutes with Georgia

Georgia smiling at her desk

Meet Georgia, our globe-trotting Head of Operations

Our dog-loving Head of Operations first spotted her canine passion when looking after her grandparent’s dalmatian as a child. She herself had cats, and a pet snake... Perhaps it was the handling of slippery creatures at a young age that inspired her to study a double major in Psychology, Criminal Justice and Criminology (it’s impawsible to get anything past her), with a minor in French at university.

With a degree long enough to be a tongue twister there’s no question that Georgia can balance a multitude of topics and tasks at one time, which comes in handy when working alongside our Head of Product, Jotham, to oversee all of Brightec’s projects. She has a remarkable talent for getting to know people, and how they work best… somehow sussing all this out without yet having been with more than five of the Brightec team at one time.

Having studied at university in Indiana, Georgia returned to the UK but quickly grew bored of the lack of snow, tractors and tree chopping at Christmas. So, she moved to New Zealand on a bit of a whim. Whilst methodical thought, practical consideration and careful planning are second nature in her line of work, it seems her personal life is a little more free flowing!

Whilst in New Zealand Georgia found her first role in the technology sector; working in project and production management for a web design/development agency. It was here that she discovered that she loved seeing her efforts come together, watching teams and individuals succeed through her work. Back in the UK, Georgia has worked within several digital agencies - Social Media/Marketing, App/IoT development, Website - and now coming full circle back to the world of apps.

Georgia thrives on organisation and defining processes so that teams can achieve great results through efficiency, and happiness, in their work. Somewhere along her travels she discovered that watching or listening to yodelling is the best way to combat a bad day. Perhaps this is why she likes everything to be so orderly, orderly, orderly-eh-y.

Puppy love… sounds sketchy to us

Away from work Georgia has an extensive list of past hobbies from horse riding, gymnastics, jewellery making, upcycling furniture, painting, making book sculptures… She’s willing to admit she likes to achieve something, and then move on to the next thing. Which makes her great for keeping the momentum going on projects and thinking about the future for our clients!

Whilst you’re most likely to find her on woodland walks with her trusty sidekicks: Shadow and Bear the dogs, Georgia currently loves creating illustrations with her Apple Pencil and iPad.

The Ulti-mutt app

There’s no surprise that Georgia would use a limitless budget, time and technology to develop a dog tracker app.

She’d love to create a little microchip that you could use with infinite distance tracking; linked to a map so you could always check-in on your four-pawed friend wherever you are… or know where they are when they’ve jumped through a hedge in chase of a rabbit. She said it would reduce the number of stolen or lost dogs going into shelters… and the risk of slipping face first into muddy puddles looking for them.

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