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Google’s Playbook for Developers

Brightec recently got the opportunity to work on a great app development project with our good friends over at Ribot. We helped them to deliver the very latest version of Google’s Playbook for Developers, an incredibly useful resource for Android development teams.


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Google Playbook app screenshots on Android

A guide for Android app developers everywhere

Google’s Playbook is a brilliant resource for development teams. It enables them to build great apps by providing the very latest Android features, best practices, and advice about how to succeed on Google Play. Essentially, Playbook is a tailored list of articles and videos from Google experts, as well as content curated from across the web.

Playbook covers a broad range of helpful topics, from material design to Google sign-in, Nearby APIs, AdWords campaigns and more. Users can decide exactly what information they want to receive based on their specific needs and interests, as well as learning vital tips about how to launch their app, engage and retain users.

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Playing nicely together

Working with our good friends over at digital agency Ribot, we helped to deliver the second version of Playbook. While Ribot were responsible for the design elements of the app, our team collaborated closely with them to progress the app through development.

Sharing our development expertise over several months, we focused on updating the app from Android 7 (Nougat) to Android 8 (Oreo). We also worked on making improvements to Playbook’s accessibility.

“Very beautiful application with loads of helpful information about Android design.”
Play Store Customer

Five star reviews

The latest version of the Playbook app has been really well received by the development community, with thousands of five star reviews. In particular, the app makes it easier for Google to share its content with developers much more quickly than before.

As the app market and technology changes at such a rapid pace, Android developers can feel confident that they have the very latest knowledge and advice at their fingertips. Our team here at Brightec are really proud to have been involved in making this possible.

Available on the Google Play Store