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How to measure your team's wellbeing with the new HappyTrack tool

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We’ve developed a Slackbot to help you track your team members happiness, and improve your team’s wellbeing.

Over the years, we’ve developed principles for working well as a team. These rely on a level of confidence and happiness within each team member. Like many businesses, in March 2020, we became a remote team almost overnight, which prompted a change in managing our team and overseeing their wellbeing.

It’s hard to notice the subtle changes that might signify if someone in your team needs extra support in a remote setting. So, we’ve developed a tool to help us replicate the impromptu chats we were used to in the office.

HappyTrack is an unobtrusive slack integration that sends a daily message to each of our team, prompting them to pause for a moment and consider how they’re feeling. The message asks them to rate their happiness by clicking a number between 1 & 10. Notifications alert a manager if there is a significant change in someone’s daily score (compared to their personal average), allowing them to respond appropriately.

HappyTrack Slack Message

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"HappyTrack is an effective way to gather effective and honest feedback from individuals within your organisation with minimal time impact on your team or managers."

We’ve made HappyTrack with data-security at its heart. This is why all your team’s data is held securely within your own Google Sheet with no shared database for the system. You are in control of access to the Sheet and who gets the daily notifications of anomalies in happiness scores.

At Brightec, we’ve been using HappyTrack for the last 8 months and found it a useful tool to trigger check-ins with our team. We’ve been able to spot when individuals are struggling and observe and respond to trends in our overall team happiness. As a result, we’ve seen a consistent increase in our average happiness scores over this period, bucking the trend of the current climate.

Of course, measuring individual and team happiness is only half the story, how you then respond appropriately is critical to improving employee wellbeing and your team’s health. That is the subject of another blog post though, so for now, the question remains; How are you today?

Click here to download and install HappyTrack to your Slack environment.

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